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Freud and Diablo Products


  • When cutting steel, Qsaw blades will leave a workable finish, our carbide blades run cooler and with few sparks.
  • Metal Cutting Carbide Machines & Blades replace abrasive cut off saws and last 20x Longer
  • QSaw, Freud, and Diablo have blades for specific wood cutting, laminate, and speciality materials


  • Qsaw Industrial Circular Saw Blades are designed to deliver the highest performance in the industry. 
  • We use the highest grade carbide, precision laser cut blade bodies & state of the art industrial brazing.
  • This makes for a premium blade designed for industrial use and to increase productivity.


  • Qsaw Cuts Cooler,  When cutting steel, Qsaw blades will leave a workable finish, our carbide blades run cooler and with few sparks.
  • Qsaw Cuts Faster,  Qsaw blades simply cut faster than other carbide or abrasive blades
  • Qsaw Lasts Longer,  other carbide and Abrasive blades wear down quickly. The Qsaw Carbide Circular Saw Blade can last up to 20x longer than other products on the market, if not more.
  • Qsaw Cuts Accurately, other blades can to flex and "walk" during a cut. Qsaw uses a laser cut blade body that is designed for accuracy and precision.
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10" x 1" ARBOR x 50T

10 in. x 50 Tooth Cermet Metal and Stainless Steel Cutting Saw Blade

Diablo’s new Steel Demon Cermet saw blade series is redefining metal cutting, and the jobsite, by introducing safer, exclusive innovation that allows users to cut both mild and stainless steels for 40X longer life versus standard carbide-tipped metal cutting saw blades. The specially formulated Cermet (Ceramic and Metallic) teeth provide high heat tolerances and increased hardness for superior wear and ultimate cutting life. Featuring a special Triple Chip Grind and Perma-Shield coating, these blades slice through the toughest of metals to produce precise cuts with less sparks and burr-free finishes that require no rework. The thin-kerf body and advanced laser cut anti-vibration stabilizer vents reduce vibration and noise to allow the blades to quickly shear through metal with ease and accuracy. The ability to cut through both mild and stainless steel eliminates the need for individually dedicated saw blades, offering a one-blade solution for ultimate metal cutting performance and unmatched value story, forever changing the metal cutting industry.

  • Cermet (Ceramic and Metallic) teeth provide a high heat tolerance and increased hardness for superior wear and ultimate cutting life; lasting up to 40X longer than standard carbide metal cutting saw blades
  • Triple Chip Tooth design provides less sparks, burr-free finishes that require no-rework, and longer cutting life
  • Advanced Laser Cut Stabilizer Vents trap noise and vibration for maximum stability, keeping the blade cool for straight, accurate cuts in metal cutting applications
  • Tri-Metal Shock Resistant Brazing, a three metal brazing system, allows Cermet teeth to withstand extreme impact for maximum durability
  • Laser Cut Thin Kerf Design provides less resistance and heat build-up for ease of cut, accuracy and long cutting life in metal cutting applications
  • Perma-SHIELD® non-stick coating resists heat build-up by protecting the blade against gumming and corrosion
  • Laser Cut Arbor reduces vibration and premature wear for accurate blade rotation when in use on the saw
  • Cuts 1/8”-1/2” wall thickness in steel studs, angle iron, flat bar, channel, and EMT conduit
  • Cuts 1/4”-1” wall thickness in plate and bar stock
  • Cuts 1/2"-2” diameter threaded rod
  • Use with a dedicated low RPM metal cutting saw
  • Clamp down your materials
  • Use right tooth count to thickness of material
  • Use correct cutting speed and let the tool do the work (do not cut too slow)
Ideal For: Studs & Tubing (Wall thickness 1/8" (11 gauge) min 1/2" max); Plates & Bars (Thickness 1/4" (11 gauge) min 1" max); RODS (Diameter 1/2" min 2" max) - Studs/Channels, Angle Iron, Plates/Bars, Pipes/Tubes, EMT Conduit, Threaded Rod
Suggested Projects: Metalworking
Product Details
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Blade Diameter 10 in
Blade Type Metal Cutting Blades
Brand Diablo
Material to Cut Metal
Arbor Diameter 1 in
Kerf 0.083 in
Max RPM 3000
Number of Teeth 50
Tooth Type TCG
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We stock Diablo and Freud blades to fit a wide range of saws. Whether you need to cut Metal, Wood, Plastics or other specialty materials, we have the right blades for your cutting needs. From 4 in. to 15 in., thin kerf and normal kerf, High Speed and Low Speed blades, take a look at our wide selection of blades.