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Bandsaw Blade Speed and Feed Calculator

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Bandsaw Blade Speed and Feed Calculator

Do you need to figure out what your cutting time will be? Use the handy Speed and Feed Calculator on to determine the correct blade speed and blade tooth pitch based on the material you are cutting.

This reference tool is designed to help you estimate cutting times and blade speed and feed for a range of metals. Before using the tool, it is useful to have some information about your band saw and your materials ready. Be prepared to enter information about:

- The material stock you are working with

- The material shape and dimensions

- The number of pieces you are cutting at once

Depending on your answers to these initial questions, the Speed and Feed Calculator will ask you another set of questions, including details about the bundle you are cutting, material type, whether it has been heat treated, and the of blade you are using. Once the calculator has all the data it needs, it will be able to provide you with an estimated cutting time and the band saw blade speed and tooth pitch recommendation.

Keep in mind, though, that the Speed and Feed Calculator is just a reference tool. There are other factors to take into consideration: Be sure that you understand the particulars of your band saw machine, like its horsepower, feed system, cutting orientation, and pivot style. In order to get the best, most accurate results, it is also important to ensure that your machine is properly maintained. In combination with experience and common sense, the Speed and Feed Calculator can make cutting operations a snap.

Speed Rate

The relationship between Speed and Feed Rates is vital to the proper function of a bandsaw and requires a saw operator's full attention or the bandsaw will fail to perform as expected.

A saw blade's speed is defined as the distance in feet that the blade travels per minute: a measurement of S.F.P. M. or Surface Feet Per Minute.

In order to achieve proper blade speed, the SFPM must be optimum for the application. The drive belts cannot be slipping under the load being machined, and the tachometer needs to be checked often in order to assure that the proper RPMs are being maintained.

This online utility will help you with an interactive interface to obtain optimal calculations on production for your band saws; this program uses data from the Qsaw line of band saw blades