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QXT High Performance Industrial Carbide Circular Saw Blades For Metal


  • When an industrial blade is needed, QXT blades are the best choice. This blade will leave a workable finish because QXT carbide blades run cooler and with few sparks.
  • Metal Cutting Carbide Machines & Blades replace abrasive cut off saws and last 25x Longer
  • QXT is designed for specific metal cutting of steel specialty materials


  • QXT Professional Industrial Circular Saw Blades are designed to deliver the highest performance in the industry.
  • We use the ultra high-grade Sumitomo carbide on a precision laser cut blade body. Then we braze the carbide to the backing utilizing state of the art CNC robotic brazing.
  • This makes the QXT a premium blade designed for industrial use and to increase productivity.


  • QXT Cuts Cooler, When cutting steel, QXT blades will leave a workable finish, our carbide blades run cooler and with few sparks.
  • QXT Cuts Faster, QXT blades simply cut faster than other carbide or abrasive blades
  • QXT Lasts Longer, other carbide blades. Abrasive blades wear down quickly. The QXT Carbide Circular Saw Blade can last as long as 25x or more than other products.
  • QXT Cuts Accurately, other blades can to flex and "walk" during a cut. QXT uses a laser cut blade body that is designed for accuracy and precision
      Clear Filters

QXT CUTS SAFELY: no excessive dust, fumes, or smoke make for a safer workspace. QXT blades produce fewer sparks and will run cooler. We put the all the heat in the chip! This will give you an overall safer alternative in your cutting operation.

We stock QXT blades to fit a wide range of saws. Whether you need to cut Metal, Wood, Plastics or other specialty materials, we have the right blades for your cutting needs. From 4 in. to 15 in., thin kerf and normal kerf.