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Watch our National Sales Manager cut a Range Rover block in half to demonstrate the accuracy of our 601 Series M42 Bandsaw blades.
Trajan Bandsaws
Replacement Parts

Flex Back Carbon

Flex Back Carbon Band Saw Blade used for steels, metals, plastics and wood.

Hardback Carbon

Hard Back Blade designed for use on vertical, contour and utility saws.

IC/Structural Band

This blade outlasts the old style matrix bands by 20%.


Ideal for general purpose cutting of tool, die and mold steels

M42 High Production

A high performance bi-metal band saw blade with a uniquely designed tooth edge

M42 Pallet Dismantler

This pallet band will outlast the competition by up to 20%

Foundry Carbide

The CT 1001 Haltbar Foundry Carbide tipped blade is a Type I band saw blade

Triple Chip Carbide

Triple Chip performs where standard Bi-Metal Blades fail

Portaband Saw Blades

Long life in applications for metal, wood and plastic.

Sawing Fluid

Sawing fluid is designed to keep the work piece at a stable temperature to maximize the life of the blade.

HSS Coldsaw Blades

Now carrying High Speed Steel Coldsaw Blades. Use the ColdSaw Wizard to find the right blade for your job.

How We Make Blades

Our blades are custom made to order. Take a look at how we do it.