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Common Causes of Stripped Teeth in Saw Blades

Common Causes of Stripped Teeth in Band Saw Blades

One of the most common problems in bandsawing is stripping the teeth from the blade. While every case is unique, here is a list of the most commonly found causes followed by detailed explanations.

  1. Too few teeth in the cut.
  2. Too many teeth in the cut.
  3. Excessive feed rate.
  4. Band Speed too slow.
  5. Improper Break-In.
  6. Misalignment at weld.
  7. Low band tension.
  8. Work piece moved.
  9. Chip welding.
  10. Coolant problems.
  11. Material too hard.
  12. Feed system not working correctly.

Does your band saw blade have stripped teeth occur after you use it? The root cause most often has to do with the machine and the way that the machine is maintained. However, there are still some standard reasons teeth are stripped from band saw blades. Here are details of the most common issues that can cause teeth stripping.

Before you begin to cut, make sure that there are not too few or too many teeth on the cut, which can cause it to strip. Additionally, if your feed rate (how hard you push the material into the blade) is too high, or if the band speed (how fast the blade turns) is too slow, you can strip the teeth off your band saw blade.

Next, make sure that their isn't a misaligned weld or that their aren't improper break-ins. Always make sure that there is enough band tension. If the work piece moves or shifts as you cut, then teeth being stripped from the blade is a possibility. Additionally, ensure that there is no chip welding, which can also damage your equipment.

Another essential way to prevent tooth stripping is to check the coolant levels and mixtures to make sure there are no problems or irregularities. Furthermore, if the material is too hard for the type of blade you're using, it can cause teeth to be stripped from the blade. If the feed system is not handled correctly, than the band saw blade can experience tooth stripping from its band.

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