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Common Causes of Weld Breakage in Band Saw Blades

If your band saw blade is undergoing weld breakage when you use it, there may be a number of reasons things have gone wrong
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Weld Breakage in Band Saw Blades

Weld breakage is generally thought of as a manufacturer problem but there are many instances where the problem may be avoided with a simple adjustment to your bandsaw. Although many cases are unique, the following list of problems are the most common reason for bandsaw blades breaking at the weld.

  1. Tension too high.
  2. Wheel diameter too small.
  3. Blade rubbing against wheel flange.
  4. Guides worn, or frozen in place.
  5. Feed rate too heavy .
  6. Chips stuck in guides.
  7. Feed system not working correctly.
  8. Internal stress pinching blade.