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Band Saw Guide Upgrade Kits


  • Bandsaw Guide conversion kits replace the lower and upper factory band saw blade guide assemblies with a precision guide assembly.
  • Bandsaw guide conversion (retrofit) kits typically include the upper and lower guides, upper and lower mounting brackets, studs, screws, and (if appropriate) a guard adapter bracket.


  • This is a drastic improvement over factory blade guide, In the factory set up the blade is loosely held by solid blocks and the thrust is taken by the side of a ball bearing.
  • The blade guide is solid high-grade aluminum and utilizes high-grade sealed ball bearings. With this design, the blade is held on each side by a ball bearing and the thrust is taken by a third ball bearing


  • When you upgrade to our bandsaw guide conversion kits the blade is held much more precisely, which translates into cleaner cuts, quieter operation, and less wasted material
  • Users report that Guide Kits improve overall saw performance, reduce blade friction, and increase cutting accuracy.
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