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Q© 201 Series - Qsaw© Hard Back Carbon


Qsaw 201 Hard Back Carbon Band Saw Blade:
  • Originally designed for the steel industry, these custom welded band saw blades with tooth pitches 2 to 6 tpi perform extremely well resawing wood.
  • The finer tooth pitches 8 to 24 tpi are economical choice for cutting mild steels, aluminum, brass, wood


  • Increased the blade's strength, Manufactured from a single piece of high carbon steel
  • Precision heat treatment process individually hardens each tooth producing an extremely hard-cutting edge
  • individually hardened tooth tips spring-tempered, means improved blade rigidity for more accurate cuts.


  • Designed to excel in wood but tough enough to cut through low alloy steels, nonferrous metals
  • Low cost-per-blade/low cost-per-cut in wood & similar materials.
  • Straighter cuts with heavier feed pressure, Q201 Hard Back blades can be used on vertical, contour, and utility cut off saws.
  • Excellent chip evacuation and precision tooth set will cut faster with more precision yielding a superior surface finish
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Custom Welded Q© 201 Series Hard-Back Carbon Band Saw Blades

Designed to handle a wide range of materials, the Q© 201 Series of hard-back carbon band saw blades are most often used in small job shops, home shops, and the woodworking industry.

  • More accurate cuts
  • Improved rigidity for quicker cutting rates
  • Mild Steels
  • Aluminum
  • Brass
  • Wood
  • Plastics

A Q© 201 custom band saw blade represents an economical option that allows you to make mild contour cuts on vertical machines and cutoff operations on horizontal band saws. We spring-tempered the back and precisely hardened the blade's teeth, upping its tensile strength so it cuts accurately through a variety of materials.