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Aftermarket Hydmech Replacement Parts

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P HYD 340790
ASM P HYD 340790
Carbide Back up Guide
Older part number TL-770
Aftermarket Hydmech Part

Carbide Back-Up Blade Guide, Fits Hydmech Band Saws using side guides: 

  • P Hyd CRB-100-22-00 
  • P Hyd CRB-125-22-00 
  • P Hyd CRB-150-22-00 

This guide is also the same as the older part number TL-770 back-up guide

Product Details
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Blade Size All Blade Widths
System Blade Guide
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Only $21.50
P HYD CRB-100-22-00
ASM P HYD CRB-100-22-00
1" Carbide Guide
Replaces Part # CRB-100-22-00 or CRB-100-21-00
Aftermarket Hydmech Part

Aftermarket 1" Carbide Guide for Hydmech Machines

No Screws! We Braze the carbide on our guides means so there more surface area for blade support, no loose screws, shattered or missing pads,
guide flatness within .0002" this creates a better, higher quality part at less cost.

Replaces Part # 

  • CRB-100-22-00  
  • CRB-100-21-00

4 guides are required per machine, These Guides support the Sawblade during cutting holding the blade Perpendicular to Saw Base. Also crosses to new part # 800717

Product Details
photo below
Blade Size 1.00" Blade
Blade Width 1" Carbide Guide
Machine Mfg Hydmech
System Blade Guide
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Only $63.24