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Portable Bandsaws from are compact work horses

The Trajan 125 and the Trajan 150 Band Saws from Trajan Saw Works are two high quality, portable band saws that gives any shop years of profitability. Trajan 125 & 150 Band Saw Machines are 110 volts,allowing them to work in any setting. They are driven by a potentiometer controlled, DC motor which allows the operator to adjust the blade speed from 75 to 246 feet per minute. This feature allows the blade to run at an optimal speed, increasing blade life. 5" round capacity band saws allow the operator to miter 60 degrees to the right, via the swivel head (instead of the vise). This makes for more accurate cuts, and won’t compromise the holding power of the vise. Adjustable blade guides, trigger handle, and a stop rod are also included in this great package. Buy now to take advantage of our Free Ground Shipping (lower 48 only)

Trajan Bandsaws
Replacement Parts

Flex Back Carbon Band Saw Blade

Q Flex Back Carbon Band Saw Blade, ideal for steel, metals, plastic, and wood.

Hardback Carbon Blade

Q© Hard Back Blade developed for vertical, contour, and utility saws.

IC/Structural Bimetal Bandsaw Blade

Q© IC blade lasts 20% longer than previous structural band styles.

M42 Bimetal Bandsaw Blade

Go-to Bi-metal saw blade for cutting tool, die and mold steel.

M71 Bimetal High Production Blade

Uniquely designed tooth edge means this bimetal blade is durable long-term.

Pallet Dismantler - Hardback Carbon

Carbon blades designed for pallet disassembly.

Pallet Dismantler Blade - M42 Bi Metal

Qsaw© Damage-resistant blades designed for pallet disassembly.

Q©Rip Portable Mill and Resaw Blades

High Performance Timber Processing and Resaw Blades

Carbide, Foundry Band Saw Blade

Extremely wear-resistant, this blade can handle metals and composites.

Carbide, Triple Chip Band Saw Blade

Handles high-nickel alloys with ease.

Portaband Saw Blades

Qsaw© Long life in applications for metal, wood and plastic.

Circular Saw Blades

Wide selection of Wood, Metal and Specialty Circular Saw Blades

Circular Saws for Metal Cutting

Evolution Circular Saws for Metal Cutting

Lubrication Misting Systems

Lubrication Misting System for Sawblades

Pallet Dismantler Bulk Buy

M42 Rugged Tooth Pallet Dismantler Blades (10 Packs)

Rubber Bandsaw Tires

Inspected your Band Wheel tires lately?

Sawing Fluid

Sawing fluid is designed to keep the work piece at a stable temperature to maximize the life of the blade.

Urethane Bandsaw Tires

No Glue needed; super easy installation

Reciprocating Saw Blades

Metal Cutting, Demolition and Specialty reciprocating saw blades.

HSS Coldsaw Blades

Now carrying High Speed Steel Coldsaw Blades. Use the ColdSaw Wizard to find the right blade for your job.

How We Make Blades

Our blades are custom made to order. Take a look at how we do it.